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Shelf-Life Part 2: Fundamentals & Study Design

Learn how a shelf-life study is performed and the benefits to your operation of an accurate understanding of your product’s shelf life.

During this 1-hour Webinar, Dr. Heidi Wright will cover the following fundamentals of Shelf-Life Studies:

What is a shelf-life study?
Why is it vital to have an accurate understanding of the shelf life of your product(s)?
What circumstances should trigger you to perform a shelf-life study on your product, and when should it be done?
Who is best qualified to perform a shelf-life study, and where should shelf-life studies be conducted?
✓ How is a shelf life study executed, and what is involved in the process?

Who Should Attend:

Dr. Heidi Wright

Dr. Heidi Wright has a Ph.D. degree in Food Science & Technology and Toxicology from Iowa State University where she specialized in research areas related to natural antimicrobials in food and pharmaceutical applications. She also has a M.S in Biological Science with a specialization in Microbiology from South Dakota State University. Her research included extension outreach in food safety training. She has over 12 years of academic and industry experience in the areas of food safety, antimicrobials and microbiology research, including method development, validation testing, and study designs for challenge and shelf life studies.

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