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Microbial Spoilage (Part 2): Groups of Microorganisms

In this Webinar Short, we explore the diverse groups of spoilage microorganisms and the factors that influence their growth. We examine the various conditions that either inhibit or promote microbial proliferation, including:

  1. Oxygen requirements (categorized as Aerobic, Anaerobic, Facultative Anaerobic, and Microaerobic)
  2. Temperature ranges (categorized as Mesophilic, Psychrotrophic, and Thermophilic)
  3. Water activity requirements (categorized as Hydrophilic, Xerophilic, Halophiles, and Osmophiles)
  4. Acidity preferences (categorized by pH range, Acid-tolerant, and Acidophiles).

By understanding how microorganisms interact with their environment, we gain valuable insights into their behavior and develop effective strategies to prevent or control food spoilage. Join us as we delve into the fascinating world of spoilage microorganisms and uncover the key factors that shape their growth and survival.

Who Should Attend:

Florence Wu, Ph.D.

Dr. Wu has been managing AEMTEK’s analytical services since 2002. She has over 30 years of academic and work experience with various groups of bacteria and fungi. Dr. Wu’s hands-on work experience includes food and environmental microbiology testing, environmental sampling, microbial identification, laboratory management, and quality assurance. She has published numerous scientific papers and has given lectures and presentations on subjects related to food microbiology. Dr. Wu has extensive experience in microbial contamination control, sampling and testing methodologies.

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