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 Best Practices for Environmental Testing of the COVID-19 Virus

Prepare   for   the   Safe   Return   of   Employees

With widespread shelter-in-place or lockdown procedures around the U.S. and globe, experts are uncertain how long this pandemic will last and the effect that it will have on their business. Nonetheless, food and environmental companies must be prepared for the safe return of their employees and can take actionable steps now in their environmental monitoring program to do so.

Key      Questions     Will    be     Answered:

 How does COVID-19 spread in the workplace and how can employers reduce employee exposure?
 What are the current guidelines on various administrative, engineering, and PPE controls for COVID-19?
✓ How can companies best strategize and update their environmental monitoring process to test, clean, and disinfect the virus from the workplace?

We will also be sharing insights from YOU, based on our survey on how food and environmental companies have addressed COVID-19 in their workplace – thank you to all those that participated!

Who Should Attend:

Florence Wu, Ph.D.

Dr. Wu has been managing AEMTEK’s analytical services since 2002. She has over 30 years of academic and work experience with various groups of bacteria and fungi. Dr. Wu’s hands-on work experience includes food and environmental microbiology testing, environmental sampling, microbial identification, laboratory management, and quality assurance. She has published numerous scientific papers and has given lectures and presentations on subjects related to food microbiology. Dr. Wu has extensive experience in microbial contamination control, sampling and testing methodologies.

Tom Sidebottom

Tom Sidebottom is the Executive Vice President at AEMTEK, Inc. He has 32 years of public health experience with the U.S. FDA, Office of Regulatory Affairs, in testing, inspection and enforcement of federal safety, surety, security, and sanitation standards applied to manufactures, suppliers, distributors and importers of regulated products. His experience also includes developing scientific testing protocols to verify controls and validation of food safety programs, and developing novel approaches to meet regulatory standards. Tom has Over 30 years of educational outreach, extraneous material identification, and pest management experience, and 11 years of laboratory management experience of an ISO17025 accredited FDA laboratory in the SF Bay area. Tom’s unique federal experience will provide a fresh perspective and discussion to the topic of environmental monitoring.

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