Which Mycotoxin tests does AEMTEK offer?

We currently offer Total Aflatoxins (B1, B2, G1, G2), Ochratoxin (Ochratoxin A 100% Ochratoxin B 18%) and Trichothecene (Verrucarin A) tests on routine basis. For other mycotoxin tests, please contact us for availability and special quotes.

What methods for Legionella testing are available at AEMTEK?

We offer culture plating method (based on CDC, ISO11731-2 and Standard Method SM9260J), Legiolert method (IDEXX) and Legionella pneumophila PCR method. All our methods are accredited by CDC ELITE program and AIHA EMLAP.

What methods for Mold Detection and Identification are available at AEMTEK?

We offer microscopic examination, culture method, ITS and 18S DNA sequencing and qPCR methods.