Do you offer Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS)?

Yes, we do offer next-generation sequencing service. We recommend this method for complex microbial community analysis (e.g. compost, soil and complex probiotic products). Please contact the lab for project details and a special quote.

Is AEMTEK an accredited laboratory?

Yes! Our laboratory is accredited by multiple governmental agencies to ISO 17025 standards. Please Click Here for more information on our accreditations.

How do my results look?

Each company will have its own set of product specifications, against which laboratory results should be compared. The specifications (or “specs”) are determined by what your company deems as acceptable, based upon a combination of: research of similar products, the company’s SOPs and manufacturing practices, buyer requirements, and testing result data over time.

AEMTEK is happy to provide consulting services to help your company develop a set of specifications for your particular products. Please contact for consulting assistance in developing specifications.

Related Resource(s): USDA Food Specifications

How do I collect samples?

Please see the sampling guidelines below that relate to your sampling event:


EPA Drinking Water Bacterial Sampling | Video
CDC Legionella Sampling Procedure

Food Processing Facility

Food Processing Environmental Swabbing | Video

Industrial Hygiene

Mold Sampling Guide
Allergen & ERMI Dust Sampling with Carpet Sampler


How much sample do I need to submit?

Sample volume will depend on the specific combination of tests you are requesting.

  1. For Food and Beverage Testing: Please email with the list of tests that you are requesting and the sample type.
  2. Cosmetic Testing: For COA testing, please submit 4oz of product in its finished good packaging. For routine testing, please email with the list of tests that you are requesting and sample type.

When will I receive my results?

Results will be sent once all tests are completed. Therefore, your turnaround time will be that of the requested test with the longest duration.

For Cosmetic COA testing the turnaround time is 14 days. If method suitability is needed, turnaround time could be extended to 3 weeks.

How do I pack my product to ship?

Products should be shipped according to their holding conditions. Ambient products can be shipped in a plain box. Refrigerated and frozen products should be shipped overnight in a Styrofoam cooler with ice-packs to keep it cold. All shipments must include the appropriate Chain of Custody form for the samples.   Please ship samples to:

AEMTEK Sample Receiving
466 Kato Terrace
Fremont, CA 94539