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Preservative Efficacy Testing (PET)

Cosmetics & Skincare Services

Preservative Efficacy Testing (PET)
Cosmetics & Skincare

Preservative Efficacy Testing: Safeguarding Product Safety and Quality

Your Gateway to Product Integrity and Consumer Confidence!

At AEMTEK Inc., we offer a wide range of Preservative Efficacy Testing services tailored to your specific needs. Our dedicated team of experts employs advanced techniques and industry-approved methodologies to assess the performance of your preservative systems, ensuring that your products remain safe, effective, and compliant.

Why Preservative Efficacy Testing Matters:

Preservatives play a vital role in protecting products from harmful microorganisms, ensuring their safety and shelf life. However, the effectiveness of preservatives can vary depending on the formulation, manufacturing processes, and storage conditions. Preservative Efficacy Testing is essential to validate that your products meet the required microbiological standards and maintain their quality throughout their intended shelf life. It helps you safeguard consumer health, maintain brand reputation, and comply with regulatory guidelines.

Customized Testing Protocols

We understand that each product is unique, and one-size-fits-all approaches do not suffice. That’s why our Preservative Efficacy Testing protocols are customized to match the specific requirements of your formulations and intended applications. Our tailored approach ensures accurate and reliable results, guiding you in fine-tuning your preservative system for optimal performance.

Regulatory Compliance Support

Preservative Efficacy Testing is often a regulatory requirement for consumer products, such as cosmetics, personal care items, and pharmaceuticals. Our expert team provides comprehensive data and documentation to support your regulatory submissions, ensuring smooth product registrations and compliance with industry standards.

Microbial Challenge Testing

Our Microbial Challenge Testing evaluates the ability of your preservative system to withstand contamination challenges posed by a range of relevant microorganisms. By simulating real-world conditions, we assess how well your products resist microbial growth, mitigating the risk of spoilage or harmful infections.

Minimum Inhibitory Concentration (MIC) Testing

Determining the Minimum Inhibitory Concentration of preservatives is crucial for maximizing efficacy and minimizing potential side effects. Our MIC Testing helps establish the optimal concentration of preservatives needed to effectively inhibit microbial growth while maintaining product safety and stability.

Stability Testing

We conduct Stability Testing to assess the performance of your preservative system under various storage conditions, including temperature, light exposure, and shelf life. Our tests ensure that your products maintain their efficacy and quality throughout their intended shelf life, reducing the risk of product degradation.

Confidence in Every Batch

With AEMTEK Inc.’s Preservative Efficacy Testing, you can have confidence in the quality, safety, and effectiveness of your products. Protect your brand reputation and prioritize consumer safety by partnering with us for Preservative Efficacy Testing. Reach out to our team today to discuss your testing needs and enhance your product’s integrity with reliable and accurate Preservative Efficacy Testing services.

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Benefit From...

Deep Technical Expertise

Get help solving your most complicated challenges from our team of seasoned industry professionals and Ph.D. scientists. We have experience in every aspect of laboratory testing, from chemistry and microbiology to product formulation and processing technology.

Direct Access to Experts

Gain more confidence in your product and food safety decisions by taking advantage of easy access to our Ph.D. scientists. We make sure our knowledgeable staff is easily accessible to address all your questions and provide advice in a timely manner, so you can do your job more efficiently.

A Partner in Growth

Work with a laboratory that cares about your business. For almost two decades, we have partnered with a range of companies to help solve challenges and support company growth. From early start-ups to established names, AEMTEK tailors it’s services to support your goals.

Reliable & Accurate Results

Breathe easier and sleep more soundly recognizing AEMTEK’s focus on analytical integrity.

We use the latest accredited methods and state-of-the-art equipment to deliver only the most accurate and reliable results to our clients.

Competitive Pricing & Fast TATs

Get results faster at competitive prices. All microbiology samples are prepped immediately upon arrival to ensure the quickest turnaround times possible.

Our chemistry testing has quick standard turnaround times.

Top-of-the-line Customer Care

Experience industry leading customer service. Get prompt replies to your questions whether via email, phone, or through our website chat. Our knowledgeable staff knows the importance of timeliness in the manufacturing industry and is here to address your questions and requests with speed and a smiling face.

Laboratory Accreditations

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Analyses are performed using various rapid and classical methods, including the FDA Bacteriological Analytical Manual (BAM), the Compendium of Methods for the Microbiological Examination of Foods, the APHA Standard Methods for the Examination of Dairy Products, and the AOAC International Official Methods of Analysis. We employ rigid quality assurance guidelines in all testing. We offer modern rapid methods of analysis for reliable, timely results. Reports are electronically generated in a user-friendly language and format. In addition, our scientists are always ready to answer your questions and address your concerns.