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Challenge Studies for Acidified Foods [Webinar]

Microbial challenge studies are performed for acidified foods to assess the safety and stability of these products. Acidified foods have a pH below 4.6, making them inhospitable to most foodborne pathogens’ growth. However, some microorganisms can still survive and grow in these products, leading to spoilage and potential food safety hazards. The purpose of a microbial challenge study is to identify and test the effectiveness of preservation methods and determine the product’s shelf life. The study results are used to validate the pH controls of acidified foods and to determine the need for additional controls to ensure the safety and stability of the product over its shelf life.

This webinar will focus on essential aspects of challenge studies for acidified foods, including specific requirements for challenge pathogens, hold temperatures, and acid adaptation for inoculation. Each of these is a critical and required aspect of a challenge-study design when submitting for approval with the California Department of Health.

In this 30-minute webinar, Dr. Heidi Wright will discuss the following:

✓ Overview of acidified foods and their food safety concerns
✓ Recommendations for challenge study and execution
✓ Requirements for study design and approval
✓ Summary of the expected outcomes and final study report

The presentation will conclude with an open Q&A session where attendees can ask questions and interact with our experts. Take advantage of this opportunity to expand your understanding of challenge studies and acidified foods.

Who Should Attend:

R&D Professionals

Food Safety Professionals

Heidi Wright, Ph.D.

For over eight years, Dr. Heidi Wright has served as AEMTEK's Director of Research, where she designs and oversees research projects. Heidi has a Ph.D. in Food Science & Technology and Toxicology and an M.S. in Biological Science with a specialization in Microbiology. Heidi's academic and industry experience includes food safety, antimicrobials, and microbiology research, including method development, validation testing, and study designs for challenge and shelf-life studies.

Date & Time:

September 27, 2023
11:00 am

11:30 am

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