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Client Testimonials

I wanted to thank you very much for this summary of information. It is very well conceived and executed and should be of huge benefit in moving forward with our cooperative efforts with the ABC company to rectify this issue and improve the products we make for them. Armed with this knowledge, I have no doubt I can convince everyone involved to take the steps necessary, both in re-formulation of the products and in reducing the potential for mold concerns associated with the process and equipment. Thank you again, this has been extremely helpful and I very much appreciate your hard work excellent timing.”

I could not be more pleased . You and your staff are always there to answer all my questions and help me understand more complex topics. You have generously extended help with my company that has benefited others I work with. My expectations for any service provided by any laboratory are well met by Aemtek, along with the knowledgeable and highly educated people on your staff. There is nothing I could recommend changing about Aemtek because it is perfect just the way it is. Any improvements made within the company of Aemtek, Inc. would have to come from within the company itself. But why try to fix what isn t broken?”

I am very happy with Aemtek / your service. You have been prompt, reliable, good prices, and I like the opportunity to speak with you on topics I need help with.”

Yes, Aemtek is everything I can hope for in a lab, and I evangelize about you all wherever I go. Even to my clients, I state my lab’s qualifications, so that they know I am providing a very high quality product.”

It is always a pleasure to recommend your laboratory, where the clients are assured of the highest quality work.”

What I like most about Aemtek service: Prompt and courteous service Analysis by highly qualified scientists User-friendly report format Analyst availability for consultation Competitive rate.”

Your team is professional, courteous, patient, and responsive. The reports are on time and easy to read. The invoicing is always correct. You accommodate our late drop-offs and ourturnaround time changes. My inspectors enjoy working with your firm. We all thank you for your hard work and enjoy watching your success.”

I enjoy using Aemtek for several reasons. Most important, I trust the results I receive because of the training and experience of the personnel analyzing my samples. I also feel I receive personalized service, and I can always speak with knowledgeable personnel concerning sampling media, analysis, and data interpretation. Just as important, the lab reports are well designed and easy to use.”

Dr. Wu, I would like to thank you and your staff for the exceptional service you have provided us over this last year. We have worked with four other microbial analysis companies over the last few years and we have found your sample analysis to be the most consistent and accurate. As you know, we are a busy company with limited time to follow up on reports, billings, and correspondence. Your attention to detail and accuracy in billing and reporting is unmatched by any of the other (sometimes larger) companies we have worked with. As a responsive partner in our business efforts, I commend you and your company for excellence in product and service.”

While many laboratories provide fungal sample analysis, we use Aemtek because an experienced mycologist is readily available to discuss results and answer questions.”

Thank you very much for all the extra help and info. You are providing us with excellent service!”