Validation and Compliance Verification Services

We have the experience and expertise to guide you through the maze of regulations and recommendations for food quality, safety and security programs. 
1)     A written program covering your day-to-day operations and responsibilities 
2)     Comparison of the FDA Food Code and your industry’s current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMPs) to your existing programs
3)     Responsibility for maintaining compliance with your GMP program
1)     Evaluation of HACCP
2)     Annual review of HACCP
3)     Effective monitoring and compliance verification
Environmental Monitoring Program (EMP):
1)     Have a uniform program in place
2)     How to perform sampling and review the results
3)     Regular reviews of the program’s effectiveness

Sanitation SOPs (SSOPs):
1)     Updates and reviews
2)     Compliance and monitoring
3)     Connection between the EMP and sanitation SOPs

Preventative Maintenance:
1)     Food safety and security program include preventative maintenance
2)     Effective monitoring system to follow-up any maintenance 
3)     Communications among EMP and sanitation/maintenance supervisors
4)     Documentation
Pest Control:
1)     Inside versus outside of the plant
2)     Feedback on what’s found and monitoring program
3)     Maintenance of barriers
Biosecurity & Food Defense:
1)     Food safety and food security
2)     Food security program
3)     Employees being an effective part of food security