Sample Submission

If you have an account with Aemtek already, please download appropriate Sample Submission Form/Chain of Custody (COC) Form below, follow guidelines for sample submission and send the samples along with the sample submission form.

Download Sample Submission Form: Please select the Sample Submission Form/Chain of Custody (COC) Form to download:

If you are a new client or if you have special requirement for the lab, please contact Aemtek lab first:


Phone: 510-979-1979

Fax: 510-668-1980

Postal and Sample Receiving Address: Aemtek Inc., 46309 Warm Springs Blvd., Fremont, CA 94539.

Guidelines for Sample Submission:

To ensure sample integrity and analytical quality, clients are advised to follow the guidelines below when submitting samples. Please feel free to call the lab at 510-979-1979 for additional information.

  1. All samples must be accompanied by proper documentation. Use your own sample submission form, or download the sample submission form using the links above.
  2. All samples must be clearly labeled and identifiable with the information provided on the Sample Submission Form/Chain of Custody form. Please specify sample volume, analysis requested, turnaround time desired, and preference for reporting.
  3. Samples should be individually sealed and properly separated to avoid mixing or cross-contamination of samples.
  4. Samples should be adequately packaged to avoid leakage of liquid, breakage of slides, or other physical damage to the contents.
  5. Samples for direct microscopic examination (e.g., Air-O-Cell, tape, bulk, etc.) can be shipped at ambient temperature.
  6. Cultures and samples for culture-based analysis should be shipped overnight and packed with artificial ice packs and in coolers to avoid high temperature during shipping.
  7. Some sampling supplies such as swabs and media are provided free of charge if returned to the lab for analysis. Please contact the lab in advance for sampling needs.
  8. Clients are encouraged to contact Aemtek analysts to discuss any special issues regarding sampling or sample submission procedures.
  9. For weekend sample receiving and analysis, please contact the lab first.