Aemtek’s research staff is composed of highly qualified PhD scientists and industrial experts with extensive experience. Aemtek offers intensive academic training, technical expertise, and state-of-the-art equipment to solve complex problems related to microbial detection, and to perform research in applied and environmental microbiology and mycology. We are eager to collaborate with other institutions on developing innovative technologies and products. The following list describes some of our research projects and interests.

Rapid Microbiology Methods and Products

Microbiology contamination of food and pharmaceutical products posts serious risk to public health and causes major product recalls and economic losses. Effective management of microbial contamination demands rapid microbial detection method. Aemtek is conducting research in media enrichment and assay development to empower rapid testing of pathogens. 

Sampling Device Evaluation

Aemtek performs evaluation of microbial sampling devices to determine the feasibility of the device under diverse conditions, in accordance with the specifications of the product and/or the client’s requirements. Microbial analysis is performed by our qualified mycologists or microbiologists. Testing procedures follow ASTM standard methods, or highly accurate custom methods developed by Aemtek scientists, as required. Equipment that may be used to evaluate sampling devices includes compressor, nebulizer, aerosol chamber, walk-in environmental chamber and sampler.

Product Development

Aemtek uses the most advanced equipment to test new products under diverse conditions, including temperature, substrates, potential for microbial degradation, and other microbial assessments that may be required for a specific product. Examples of products that Aemtek has helped develop or test include:

  • Industrial and household cleaning products
  • Antimicrobial treatment products
  • Health care products
  • Biodegradable and compostable products
  • Industrial filtration products and devices

Microbial Analytical Methods

Aemtek is continually developing innovative technologies for the detection and analysis of microorganisms in a wide range of environments. Our current research interests include:

  • Performance evaluation of various microbial detection and analysis methods
  • Development of innovative microbial detection technologies for rapidly generating accurate, reliable data
  • Fast and sensitive microbial monitoring using modern technologies
  • Microbial tracing in different environments
  • Reliable and affordable methods for differentiating human and animal sewage contamination

Molecular Detection Methods

Aemtek’s scientists are experienced in molecular research techniques for the detection and enumeration of bacteria, fungi, and viruses, including:

  • PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) analysis
  • Quantitative PCR
  • DNA fingerprinting
  • DNA sequencing

Aemtek has the technical resources to apply any commercially available kits and/or develop application-specific systems using publicly available DNA databases and resources. Please contact us if you are interested in collaborating with us.