Updated   SQF   Food   Safety   Code   for   Manufacturers

Goals of the course:

  • Learning about the updates in Edition 8 of the SQF Code and the difference from Edition 7.2.
  • Describe SQF system elements and mandatory elements
  • Implement and maintain SQF systems
  • Validate and verify your food safety plan within the SQF system and meet FSMA requirements
  • Know the process for SQF certification

What’s New in SQF Code, Edition 8?

SQF Code, Edition 8 introduces a new approach for assessing individual food industry sectors with customized requirements in separate, stand-alone Codes: Food Safety Fundamentals, Primary Production (Produce), Manufacturing, Distribution, Food Packaging, Retail, and Quality.

  • The most notable change to the structure of the program is the separation of the food safety and quality requirements into individual assessments, customized for each industry segment and covering more than 30 supplier and food sector categories: produce and livestock; manufacturing; distribution; manufacturer of food packaging and a new program specific to food retail.

Course Description:

  • Promote an understanding of the SQF Code.
  • Create a knowledge base to facilitate the successful implementation of an SQF System and understand the process for aligning with FSMA regulatory requirements.
  • Show how a HACCP-based approach manages food safety and quality hazards in an operation.
  • The SQF Food Safety Code for Manufacturing applies specifically to Food Sector Categories 7-22, 31-34 and includes Modules 2 (Systems Elements) and Module 11 (Food Safety Fundamentals for Food Manufacturing).
  • Designed to provide current and new SQF Practitioners, Sr. Management, Production Personnel, and their team members with the tools and knowledge to develop and maintain their SQF food safety management system and understand the process for aligning with FSMA regulatory requirements

Who Should Attend?

SQFP, Food Safety Professionals, Sr. Management, Suppliers, Food Safety Auditors, Support Staff.

April 19, 2018 to April 20, 2018
8:00 am - 5:00 pm
Workshop Registration$730.00
Location AEMTEK
466 Kato Terrace
Fremont CA 94539
(510) 979-1979
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